Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Okay, so the good thing- no one knows who I am. That's how I like it! My thoughts are random and different. My whole life is a rollercoaster, and not a good one. I don't like how one second I'm up and excited about life, and then the next I'm down and wish I could die.
It's so amazing how people are so good at disappointing you. My own best friend has chosen time and time again to ditch me for her new boyfriend- he's not good for her or is it she is not good for him. Considering the fact that she is still "meeting" up with her ex fiancé to have sex, while still dating this new guy and having sex with him. But hey- that's her life. She has bailed on me for the last time!! From this point on I do not have a best friend by her name. She will catch on later, but I hope her guys are worth losing all her friends. (I'm not the only one who is not talking to her anymore). There's only so much you can do for a person and boy have I tried- for about 3 years!
Don't worry I will continue my crazy life stories later, for the whole 2 people that read this!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Debt... everyone is in it! Why? Because America is the land of instant gratification!! I use to have enough money to pay my bills, but one bad boyfriend and now I'm paying his debts off. Isn't that crap! He tries to pay me the amounts- which is good- but if I would have never given him the money in the first place I would not be so far in debt as I am.
If I had no debt I would move far far away from this place and become a struggling actress who also waits tables or works at some dance club- I have studied dance all my life and love it!!
But I can't do any of that... what's the point. I am trying to have all my debt paid off in two years, but that's two years. Can I go two years living on barely nothing?! Can I go two years without having fun and hanging with my friends? I really do not think I can- I will try, but it is hard when your friends call you and get mad at you for not going out, but they don't understand. If I go out then I will have to buy drinks, or I don't have to, but then I will have to listen to them wine to me saying that I am a wimp and I need to drink. I hate this! Never ever ever get into debt- it totally ruins your life.

The ups and downs

Well... i didn't get the job promotion i wanted. Oh well. It sucks- I really wanted this promotion, mainly to finally work in a place that is above 65 degrees!! I hate the cold and it does not help when it is 90 degrees outside and the second you walk into this mall you start to freeze. I have already been so sick that I have lost my voice twice in a six month period, but that's life.
This job promotion would have placed me in a different mall where the temperature would have been normal. I so miss the normality of warm weather where you work.
There has to be a law that has a minimun for the temperature! But hopefully I will get an agent soon and start acting.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Mall mayhem!!

Why is it that Americans go to the mall on a beautiful day?! Today is gorgeous, it is not too windy and the weather is nice! But nooooooo, everyone is in the mall. People should go to parks, especially before the weather gets unbearable. It's Texas- it gets hot, too hot to go outside. However, today is great. This had been one of the busiest Sunday's in a long time. Americans... you have to love them for wanting to always stay in!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Acting... Here I come!

Okay- My headshots have been taken and I should have the copies next week!! I am so excited. So now I get to fix up my acting resume and then start sending out my resume to agencies:) This is so cool. For the first time I feel like I am doing what I am suppose to be doing!! I will keep you updated on my acting status.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I'm not computer illiterate!

Kick Ass!! I figured out how to add a counter to my blog!! I am so excited, generally I have to call my older brother- who is this computer genius- and have him help me. He is now starting his own computer consulting business in the Denton Texas area!
I will now try to add other cool things to this blog.

Hello to all

This is my first offical blog. To tell you about myself... where do I start?! I am an actor- well just starting, so I will update you on how everything goes; I work full time in the communications industry- which is fun, but my passion is acting; and I love to learn martial arts from Redding Martial Arts in Denton Texas!
My life is crazy and complicated, but I would not have it any other way :)
I mainly started this page so that I can put pictures of my trips for everyone to see!!
I love to travel to Europe and if money were not an issue I would go this summer, but at this point in time, my monetary funds are lacking in that area.
I will put the photos on them as soon as I get to my home computer and hopefully everyone enjoys the photos as much as I do.

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